Hey friends!! I have been sharing my journey with you all for the past 9 weeks and I have had lots of questions about what I have been doing on my journey so far regarding eating and working out. So Terrence and I have decided to take a moment and share with you all answers to the three most commonly asked questions I have received so far.

The 1st one is obviously what am I doing to lose the weight. So I’ve been on my journey well my restart for about 9 weeks now and diet wise, I’m doing carb cycling. What that looks like is two days out of the week I eat a lot of healthy complex carbs. The rest of the week I eat a minimal amount of carbs. These high and low days correlate with my activity for that day. So my high carb days are days that I’m doing a lot of exercising and a lot of cardio.

TExercise wise, I train six days out the week Monday through Saturday. Saturday being more of a stretch day or sometimes Terrence will prepare me for what we’re going to do for the following week. A lot of my exercises right now are modified to what I can physically do. Typically while I am exercising I will sit down if I get too uncomfortable or am having trouble catching my breath. I will drink some water to make sure I stay hydrated. Terrence does switch up my training some days. We’ll do total body exercises one day. The next day we’ll upper body and lower body the next day. Sometimes Terrence likes to throw in a little lower body on a upper body day and a little upper body on a lower body day because that’s the way he likes to workout. This gives me more of a total body workout. And lets face it, everyday is leg day

I’ve also received a lot of questions about different exercises that we modify and how we modify them. I wanted to let you guys know that if there is a specific exercise that you struggle with or you feel like you want to try but feel like you don’t know how to modify it, send me an email with the subject line: “Modify my workout” and we’ll do our best modify it and make quick video of me doing the modified version for you. In the mean time check out our YouTube channel where we have modification videos, Q&A’s, and a bunch of goodness in between.

Thank you all for all of the awesome questions and all of the support.


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