I am a mother, daughter, sister, friend, and all-around everyday woman. Born and raised in the central US, I have lived in many places and truly call Kansas, California, Texas, and Georgia my homes. My almost grown teenagers are my heart in human form and laughter, creativity, deep open conversations, and crazy amounts of love are the heart of our home. Most importantly, I’m a woman who truly understands the importance and value of not only loving on my family but cultivating a deep loving intimate relationship with yourself. I think it’s the best example you can set for others on how to treat you, and for your children on what self-love and true care looks like.

Mom life can be consuming at times and Build Your Strong Plus (previously Becoming Jai)  was initially started for me to have an outlet in my own tiny little corner of the internet to reclaim my health and rediscover who I was at my core. It has since become a safe space for me to share life through an authentic, more relatable perspective. A perspective that is filled with warmth, humor, and true personal beauty. I am passionate about many things from family life to inclusivity, giving back, and true accessibility on all levels from health care, to fashion, travel, consumption, social media strategy, and everything between. At my core, I believe that customized modification leads to transformation. Meaning, that if there is something you want and it seems impossible or challenging, find a modification and how it transforms your life! Here I use my creativity to tie together the core pieces of my world. I eagerly share my passions with you to hopefully be your friend in a time of need, to give tips to help modify life or try something new. More than anything I hope to inspire you to create the life that you desire on all levels.