Customized Modification Creates Transformation.

Hello, I’m Jasmin!

Founder of Build Your Strong Plus and Social Climbers Society.

As a mother of two young children, I always knew my physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual health was important. However, a series of life events lead me down a path of self-destructive unhealthy behaviors and excessive weight gain.  I was stuck in a body and a life that I did not recognize and had no idea where to begin to change.

I slowly began to modify my daily actions in an effort to create the life that truly desired to have. What I quickly learned was that small calculated modifications lead to huge transformations. Now I support others in creating modifications in different areas of their life and business to reach their goals in a way that feels good and in alignment with who they are at their core.

Health & Wellness

At 718 pounds it was physically difficult to do most things and I knew I needed to make a change. I promised that I wouldn’t put my children in a position where they lacked me as a mom due to my physical limitations.

The first modification came from just showing up at the gym. Because it was easier to show up for my trainer versus myself, I slept in the car every morning until he arrived. I committed to giving my best each day.

No, I couldn’t stand and do a jumping jack, but I could sit and replicate the movement until I gained the strength to stand.

Learning to modify my movement and my relationship with self has led to a release of 276 pounds, increased mobility, a new life, and a movement helping others transform their lives. 


Social Media

Would you believe me if I told you that I never wanted to be on social media?

I signed up for an Instagram account to create a digital support tool for myself and my lifestyle change out of lack of in-person support. I didn’t tell anyone I had this account. It was my safe space to explore, learn myself, and connect with new energy.

After my trainer posted a video of me flipping a tire that went viral, the feedback from women that found my video let me know there was a need and I was here to fill it.

I began posting my modified workouts & how I was navigating the journey. I showed up in a way that felt comfortable to me so that I could show up and make an impact. Six years later I have grown my community by over 150,000 organically, and teach others how to do the same.


Diversity, Equity,& Inclusion

I have been fighting for diversity, equity, and inclusion from an early age.

When I attended my first business conference, I was made to sit in the back of the room because I required special seating and was told it would distract from the video and photo optics. That’s the moment  I knew I wanted to see a huge change made in the entrepreneurial world when it came to DEI.

In January of 2020, I produced my first live event, Dear Skinny Friend Live, which was fully modified to accommodate all people. From walkability of the venue to seating size, representation, and everything in between. 

I want to guide others in creating inclusive spaces for their community that will leave them feeling seen, heard, and understood in ways they never imagined possible.

DEI Checklist

You feelin’ the vibe yet?

Own your independence, beautiful!

Your story has yet to be written…